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Since 2005, the name Access Garage Doors has become synonymous with great customer service and value to all of our customers. Access Garage Doors wants to make sure that all potential customers are well informed to make decisions that impact the largest moving part of their home. The Access Garage Doors brand DOES NOT operate by hiding unscrupulous sales tactics with a customer’s lack of technical knowledge. Access Garage Doors wants to provide the customer the most transparent options available to them. Access Garage Doors strive to provide the absolute best service in the industry by having the best customer service, the best warranty packages available and the best trained and qualified technicians working with our customers.

In 2019, Open Doors Inc was established to offer Access Garage Door franchise opportunities to individuals who want success but with integrity.

Access Garage Doors…It’s what we do!

Benefits of owning an Access Garage Doors franchise:

Training At Our Corporate Headquarters

Come and train at our corporate headquarters located in Chattanooga, TN. Open Doors Inc wants to see you succeed with your Franchise with a foundation of training which includes an extensive training course that will walk you through different sectors of your franchise business, from pre-opening planning, technical training, business marketing and development and even on the job day to day operations training.

Start From Home

Within our franchise program, we have developed a scenario in which you could operate your Access Garage Doors from your home. We would like to see every franchisee grow into a showroom and facility that can capacitate a large garage door operation. The reality is that with our system, you may start off small as most successful businesses do. Talk with us about your vision. This is not a one-sided relationship and we want to be flexible but still offer the same opportunities to all of our franchisees.

Low Initial Investment

At Open Doors Inc, we want to invest in our franchisees, not the other way around. When deciding what our franchise fees would be, the question was asked by our CEO “Why would we consume a large amount of capital from an individual who is just starting a business as he did 15 years ago?” Access Garage Doors comes from humble beginnings and as we do want our franchisees invested in our program in order to build upon our brand, it is not fair to start your business at a disadvantage. This is one of the core values behind our franchise program. “Open Doors, It’s Not Just Our Name…It’s What We Do.”

Ongoing Support

Most business owners have often described being in business for themselves as like being in a sinking boat, bobbing around in the rough ocean. We vow to never let our franchisees feel like they are alone with the natural challenges of business ownership. The reason any franchise model should exist is to support the franchisee and CONTINUOUSLY support that franchisee. Our franchisees should be able to contact us and get the answers that they need promptly. This will be a key factor to your individual success as well as the entire Access Garage Doors brand.

In-House Marketing Resources

For the last 15 years, the Access Garage Doors brand has grown exponentially in multiple markets. This is attributed to our innovative style approach to marketing. With our marketing advisors, resources and a wealth of stats and knowledge at your fingertips, you are sure to deliver one of the strongest marketing campaigns to your market in regards to garage door sales, installation and repair. Marketing can be one of the most costly failures in business. It is not only important to know what works, but also what does not work to deliver you a steady stream of business that continues to grow year after year.

Leveraged Purchasing Abilities

Individual business owners will never have the leverage to purchase products and services as aggressive as a group of dealers that work together as one brand. One of the many ways that we help to facilitate higher profits compared to the normal operation is through the buying power of Access Garage Doors. We are able to help the franchisee negotiate purchases and services with not only existing suppliers but new ones as well. Your franchise can benefit greatly in regards to fleet purchases or leases, and of course, day to day product needs. Imagine the benefit of buying from a national pricing level rather than at an individual dealer pricing level.

Trusted Associated Partners

Open Doors Inc will be able to introduce you to associated partners that will save you time and money. These partners are trusted as they have worked with us to build what the Access Garage Doors brand has become. Partnerships include, but are not limited to, accounting firms, law firms, financial institutions and product suppliers. Not only are they good at what they do, but they are familiar with the Access Garage Doors operations and are here to help you if you so choose.

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